Breaking news of the week: a close Chinese friend of mine had married a Muslim guy and converted into Islam just recently.

If you have not already known, I was schooled at one of the nation’s boarding school for 5 years. Though I regreted not having the chance to engage into guitar/violin lessons and other awesome activities, I found lasting friendship that taught me what life is. I was put under the supervision of a teacher who taught me from right to wrong and had played a significant part that moulded who I am today.

It was under the Hockey Team Project that we were taught about team work. There are 5 of us initially, Hana, Asma, Ai Choo, Zam and I and later on it was extended to include KT. The hard work was paid off when we strode to glory when I was in F3. Half of the team was chosen to represent the district. The climax of the success was when we were in F4, Hana, Asma, Ai Choo and I were chosen to represent the state. Oh yes, they made me wore a mini skirt while playing hockey.

Project Team - Hockey (1999-2003)

When we finished off school, we took different paths and got drifted apart.

It was this Chinese girl that I had tried to contact for many times but to no avail.

So when the news came that she is now a Muslim, I quickly grabbed the phone and started to make calls. When I was given her phone number, I straight away gave her a call.


When she picked up the phone,out of excitement, I shouted her name.

She returned it with a calm Assalamualaikum.

Well of course, I was taken aback for few seconds. One for calling out her Chinese name for I do not know if she prefers to be called by her Muslim name and the other for not greeting her salam.

Inside out, I was happy to hear her voice and feel gratitudes for her newly found faith.

It took me sometimes to digest, phoof, it was reflected to my life. It brought me to the endless road of darkness that I had partook. The road, diverted away from the road of truthfulness. I had lived my life in bewilderment and though it had been reduced at a great scale, I somewhat feel I am still left behind, far.

I pray to Allah that I will be guided to find the correct path, with or without the help of someone out there who is destined to be my “suami”, if any.

I definitely can’t wait to catch up with her on our 10 years’ tales and I swear to you, it will in deed be a very emotional reunion.

Off to find the truth of life,