1. Booking your flight ticket – I recommend you to fly with Airasia for its unbeaten super saver promotion. I had booked 3 tickets at RM182.00 during the launch promotion. Don’t jump as just yet as we ended up having to pay RM424.00 each after adding luggage and on-board meal. For me, the deal was still cheap as I once flew to Lombok at RM800.00 using the more expensive airline.

2. Accomodation – Since Airasia flight only arrived at 10.00p.m., we decided to pre-book our accomodation. Hotel and guesthouse in Seoul are of higher price than those in South East Asia. Be prepared to spend above RM200.00 for a night in 3 stars hotel. My friend’s friend recommended IS@K Guesthouse for this very reason: It is located in Itaewon; a place I would love to liken to our very own Jalan Bukit Bintang. HALAL food is easily found in Itaewon.

I Stay @ Korea

The charges for 3 nights are 64,000KWR per pax.

3. Korea T-money card – Similar to our Malaysian touch n go card. It is easily available in Korea Plaza, Menara Hap Seng KL as at the moment, Korea Plaza is giving out Korea Be Inspired Card valid until September 2011. It can be used for bus, taxi, train, convenient stores etc.

Got that from Korea Plaza, Menara Hap Seng

4. DMZ tour – I am a freak when it comes to history. I nearly dismissed DMZ for we did not have much time in Seoul and it was a tad bit too expensive. Upon Danial’s insistence, we decided to catch a glimpse of North Korea and visited the most armed border in the world. I made my booking via seoulcitytour.net for they have the best price for the tour. 41,000.00KWR per pax.

5. Subway Map – If you are going to collect the Korea Be Inspired T-money card at Korea Plaza, do take the brochures and tour guides. One of them has a list of Halal food restaurants. Otherwise just print a copy of the subway route which will be of great assistance when you are in Korea. Getting lost in Seoul is normal. We got lost almost everyday during our trip.

6. Phrasebook is useful.

For you to truly discover Seoul, I recommend for a week holiday rather than our 4 days trip.

Details on how we spent our days in Seoul will follow. Stay tune for more.