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For those of you who have been asking how could a seemingly busy professional affords to travel once in two months, it ain’t easy to come by. It takes thousands of deliberation and thoughts on how to squeeze the trips in between busy schedules. Oh, tell me about making efforts to vacate the date so as to allow the trips to materialize. It is not easy but still possible.

I want to call the next series of storytelling as “a-real-life-situation”.

If you have kept abreast with my traveling lifestyle, you might be aware that I am scheduled for a 6 days vacation to the Philippines. This trip means the world to me after watching Filipino soap operas for years! I want to go to the Philippines and I want to speak tagalog. When CebuPacific had a promotion somewhere in June I grabbed the tickets without second thought. Oh well, who cares! I foresaw that by September, I would be closing many court cases and able to block the days which I had committed to travelling in Manila and Bohol.

Travel itinerary had been drawn up as follows:-
15-16 September 2011 : Manila city tour
17 September 2011: Fly to Taglibaran, Bohol
20 September 2011: Fly from Taglibaran to Manila to Kuala Lumpur

After relentless and intensive research, I want to do, among others, the following:-
1. Intramuros

2. Bungee Jump at E.A.T Danao

3. Chocolate Hills

4. Island Hopping

5. Discover Scuba – It is something I look forward to since I am not a big fan of water activities. But try is all I want to. I’m all to do this in Panglao Island.

6. Loboc River Cruise

Alas, life can’t be good at all time right!

It all started when I had to seek a favour from another colleague to attend a Case Management (having audience before the Judge in chambers to obtain directions pertaining to the conduct of trial) at Georgetown for I had another matter in Ipoh. Despite having alerted the counsel on my unavailability on the specified date, he came back with a date next after my arrival from Manila. After consulting him on how rush it would be for yours truly to go to Kuala Lumpur to Georgetown, he got another date which was only a day extra. Preparing for trial is the crux of all things. It covers strategies to be employed during trial, thorough researches on points of law and familiarization of facts and of course, these days, witness statements.

The long holiday for Hari Raya Aidilfitri is definitely another drawback!

I came before the Judge today and was given a deadline smacked on 19 September 2011. Holy crap! That is the day when I dream to sunbathe near Alona Beach, Bohol while getting my hair braided by a Filipino youngster. I have 5 witnesses to record statements from and it has to be done before I leave for Manila. With more desk work to attend at the office, I do not think I can manage. Even the senior lawyer that I report to will be leaving for Istanbul the same time I will be leaving for Manila. Which leaves no one to supervise the on-going work.

And the whole thing calls for a review for the necessity of this trip.

No way I would want to jeopardize my career. No way I would want to loose these cases. On top of it all, no way I am going to miss this trip.

And I definitely need help and ideas on how do I go about this. Heaving a long sigh, I am tangled with my own plans!

To go or not to go, that’s the question.