My computer’s digital clock shows 1:38am. Papers, post-it-notes, files, vouchers, books and paper clips are all over the desk. My body has worn out and my eyes can hardly see a perfect vision, even the computer screen is somewhat blurry. Sitting on this hard office chair for more than 12 hours has resulted in slight backpain. At the moment, I suffer from a brain numb.

Few inches from where I am writing, my blackberry charger is pressed against a pile of papers, mostly waste papers. The first sheet of paper is Cebu Pacific’s Itinerary receipt for my flight to Manila. So it says, the departure time is at 0120H on 15/09/2011 and the arrival time is at 0500H on 15/09/2011 at NAIA Terminal 3.

I still have tonnes of work to finish. Work I can’t imagine finishing. I stood up yet again against my bos for his lackadaisical attitude towards the cases I am in charge with. It contributes to backlog of cases at my end. Preparation for trial involves strategy that comes together with experiences. I do not want to delve so much into my career life.

I do not have any plan for Manila. I have made my researches but never once conclude it.

The same to Bohol. I have not booked any tour or accomodation. No pre-trip arrangement, not even an insurance coverage for this trip.

I can see the first day will be spent mostly in my guesthouse regaining enery which has been drained while working ever so hardly.

It’s a long weekend people. Enjoy your weekend. Enjoy it safe.