As I seat at the boarding gate, I can’t help but reminisce the trip to the Philippines that now has come to an end. In 3 ½ hours time, I will be back in Kuala Lumpur working around the clock to save for my next trip. For all I know, I must have left my heart in Bohol. I am touched for the treatment I have received in Bohol and Manila. Filipinos are in deed the next best friendliest nationalities after Balinese people of Indonesia.

The impact onto my person is vast so as to call for another longer trip to the Philippines. Earlier this morning, I was taken to another snorkelling trip by Alex, the boatman for free. He then took away my worry by bringing me to tricycle station to pre-book a tricycle to the airport. When it came to bid him goodbye, I found myself holding my tears back for all the niceties he offered me throughout the 2 days stay in Panglao Island. A good act as such may move even the toughest heart on earth.

I promised him that I will be back for which I shall fulfil my promise. I told him it won’t be so soon for me to come back, but I will definitely come and meet him again.

The trip to the Philippines especially Bohol has been very meaningful and fulfilling. Notwithstanding the pre-departure and post-trip hazards I subject myself to, I do not regret for contributing an extra 2 kilograms of weight by bringing my documents with me.

Like any other trip, I come home more grateful than ever. Of course you should not compare Malaysia with the better-off countries while still complaining for the added tax imposed by the government. Here in the Philippines, if you want to travel abroad, you will be subjected to excessive tax imposed by the government. I was once told the standard of living in Manila is below par. While meandering in the streets of Manila, my thoughts are for the safety I have always felt while walking around in Kuala Lumpur streets save for the acid splashers case. Let us not talk about the public transportation. Regardless of how slow and inefficient our public transportation is, there are way better than those in Metro Manila.

Every country is unique. Just as I love Bohol for the nature beauty and magnificient underwater life, deep down inside Malaysia is still number 1 in my heart. Tanah tumpah darahku.

I reach Kuala Lumpur safely at 12.30a.m. Once I step my foot on the ground, I heave a huge relief for I am back in one piece! Safe and still kicking – not to mention, already excited for my next trip.