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Although Manila had its shares of horrible tales, I met nice strangers and made fast friends across Manila either by asking for directions, brushing knees in the jeepney or waiting for the train. A lady I met on the jeepney to the Landmark (a shopping mall at Ayala Centre) asked me not to talk to anyone unless he was in uniform. I was reminded by the many times I had to ask tom and jane of the streets. When I came back to Malaysia and told my friend, I was questioned this – how did I determine who I would want to talk to. Have anyone ever told you, when in difficult circumstances, instinct plays a major role?

One of the many fast friends I made in Manila, Sharon Torres is the best of friends. That evening, it was the end of working hour. It was hard to get a jeepney. By the time the jeepney reached the Gasoline station at Makati Ave, it was full. Some did not even stop at the Gasoline station. I asked directions from Sharon and we sticked together until we parted at another station after she found me a jeepney to Glorietta, a shopping mall connected with the Landmark.

We exchanged number, of course. Texted each other many times. She then offered to bring me around Tutuban to find souvenirs on the next day. We were supposed to go to SM Asia Mall after her German class, but it was cancelled due to her family emergency.

Friendship may come in ways you never imagine. I found a friendship in Sharon Torres during a pursuit to find the right jeepney to the Landmark. And we are still in contact with each other till today. How I wish I will be able to return her kindness whenever she visits Kuala Lumpur soon.