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When I told Sharon I wanted to buy some souvenirs especially fridge magnets and the usual small keychains for family and friends and asked for her suggestion where the best place to go was, she immediately said, Tutuban. I was like, Tu-tu-what? I never came across Tutuban shopping centre throughout my little research on Manila.

Credit to Markmaranga

Tutuban is a shopping mall that sells cheap stuff ranging from textiles to printed tees to food products. Everything you need, you can find it in Tutuban, said Sharon. Tutuban stands at par with Thailand’s Chatuchak, Malaysia’s Petaling Street and Phnom Penh’s Russian Market. Again, I was asked to keep my camera inside my bag and be low profile to avoid unwanted attention to pickpockets and robbers.

Walking down the paths in between stalls, I noticed many beautiful decorations and things being lined-up for sale at a very cheap price. There were couple of times, I refrained myself from even touching the beautiful products. Often, it starts off with an eye sight, down to physical touch to economic trade.

How to get to Tutuban Centre:-

1. From Makati Ave’s Gasoline Station take a jeepney to LRT (Php8)
2. Walk to LRT Station (Gil Puyad)
3. Take the train from Gil Puyad to Tumayun Station (Php 15)
4. Take a tricycle to Tutuban (Php50)