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After visiting Sandugo site (Blood Compact Site), my next stop was certainly one of Bohol’s best attractions. Loboc River Cruise is a bamboo-made cruise abled to cater 30 people at a time. It was just about noon that I was dropped by Richard(Autorickshaw driver) at the entrance of Loboc River Cruise. He booked my cruise ticket with Riverwatch Floating Restaurant for which I paid Php350 for the buffet luncheon and Php150 for the entrance fee. In return, I was given an entrance postcard-ticket.

I was then told that I just missed the boat by few minutes and was asked to wait for the next boat scheduled in 30 minutes time. I killed the time by going from one souvenir shops to another. The souvenirs in Bohol were unique and hard to find in other places. Based from my personal experience, I refrained myself from buying souvenirs at the first few tourist attractions because they tend to be a tad bit too expensive. So I came out with empty hands. 😉

I had my eyes fixed on the ‘ukelele’ here.The ukelele is a musical instrument classified as plucked lute, a subset of the guitar family. Remember the little strange instrument played by that fuzzy blue creature named Stitch from Lilo and Stitch? That’s ukelele. Don’t ask if the one I had my eyes fixed on was soprano, concert, tenor or baritone. Apart from being a tune-deaf, I have poor music background.

At 12pm, I sauntered to the departure gate. Mine was Gate 1. While being serenaded by giant-sized ukelele band, I tried to work on the wifi connection but to no avail. My blackberry did not support wifi connection in Philippines.

The floating bamboo restaurant took off sharp at 12p.m. I was seated at Table 1 together with a group of Japanese girls. On the floating restaurants, there stood numerous tables and chairs, a huge middle table with varieties of traditional Boholanos food and a section where a band played popular jazz and blues style music.

As the boat took off, the buffet began and popular oldies songs were serenaded to make it a perfect cruise over the Loboc river. It was really an escape from the hustle bustle of the city. The passengers were ushered slowly through the lush green landscape; the father you went, the greener it was. One could not help but notice life along the river; houses were located just next to the river that I wondered if the river had flooded the house once. Also there were children swimming and people passing through in small bankas waving frantically towards the floating restaurants.

As the floating restaurant neared Busay fall, about one and half meter high, we knew we had completed the journey half way. The floating restaurant then made a return trip, and we stopped by at a floating sheltered bamboo,of which, I would happily call, floating music stage.

There was a huge group of adults and children with musical instruments singing and dancing as if they have not been hampered with problems at all in their lives. The children took turns to dance while the others played colourful ukelele of different sizes and sang songs. What a gifted society. It goes to show you don’t have to go to expensive music schools to be able to be a good musician or entertainer.

I have met travellers who struck Loboc river cruise as an overrated tour. But I’d say, it’s a must, albeit I had to admit, the shows were too short a time to make it worth Php500.

If you are an adventurous person, there’s a place located on the eastern bank of the Loboc river called Nuts Huts resort. If kayaking in the morning, jumping sommersault style into the river and a happy river life are what you are looking for, Nuts Huts is perfectly suited for you.

Nuts Huts Resort : Contact Person: Walter Laureys (+63 920 846 1559)