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A Unesco Heritage Site – Chocolate Hills remain bizarre! The unusual geological formation in Bohol that can be likened to 1,776 Hershey-shaped hills spreading over an area of more than 50 square kilometres. I kid you not, they look like Hersheys. It got me wondering as the home to The Hershey Company and H.B Reese Candy Campany, is the Hershey, Pennsylvania. That’s half the globe, if you ask me. The only justification that I can come up with is an American traveller sailed and reached Bohol and got inspired by the shapes and created Hershey.

The chocolate hills are made of grass-covered limestone. The domes vary in sizes from 30 to 50 metres high. During the dry season, the grass covered hills dry up and turn chocolate brown.

The Filipino version of Hershey, i.e. the Peanut Kisses can be easily found here.

There are two viewing station of the Chocolate Hills. The first one is the Chocolate Hills Complex, a government-owned viewing station. It has a restaurant, hostel with swimming pool and observation deck where one could view the hill at 210 feet above the ground. The other viewing station is located at Sagbayan Peak, a mountain resort in Sagbayan town. It is only 18 kilometres from the Chocolate Hills complex but an extra Php500 is charged by the autorickshaw.

This is taken from Chocolate Hills Complex:

The entrance to Chocolate Hills (as at September 2011) is Php50.

When I was there, I did not get quite a collection of good pictures as the sky was brimming white due to the earlier rain.