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I intentionally left out Bohol Bee Farm and give it a one-liner sentence in the previous post, simply because I want to write at length about it.

I am not your ideal organic person for I’d love to go for red meats and junk food. But when everybody in the town talks about Bohol Bee Farm, I knew I had to go there to check for myself. I did not have to spare extra money to make this trip as it was included in countryside tour package for which I paid Php1,500.00 in total.

I arrived at Bohol Bee Farm at about 11.00a.m. After purchasing my entrance ticket (Php25), I had to wait for the tour to commence. There were two girls with head scarf waiting too. I knew it they must have been Malaysians by the way they dressed. True enough, they were Malaysians on their last week of work in Manila, thus a weekend escape to Bohol. As I marked my 5th day in Manila, it was great to finally meet someone of the same nationality. What more in a place where I thought I’d probably be the only Malaysian in the island.

And so the tour commenced. We were given straw hats to cover our heads from the heat and off we went to do the herb garden first. Parsley, celery, peppermint, spearmint, salad etc. were lined in rows. Clearly, the staff took great care of the plants and flowers. They were so remarkably fresh. It was here that the staff told us that we can actually eat the flowers in the garden. Straight away into my disbelief. She added that we could try out the floral salad at the restaurant downstairs.

We were then taken to see the real busy bee. Organic bee frames, mind you. We were given the opportunity to take a photo or two holding the bee frames. As long as you don’t shake the frames rather abruptly, you are safe from the bees.

We then took a stroll around the farm. In the farm, they also produced crafts such as rugs, handbags, sandals and other house decorations. They are all hand mades, so it is worth buying. You can wait for a bit to see the whole process of making a craft product, if you have all the time to buy.

Finally, we headed to the wooden parlour restaurant with a sea-view. You could have now guessed what I ordered for lunch? Yes, that floral salad. Organic floral salad with honey mustard sauce. The sauce tasted a bit yucky, lucky my new companions gave me the sauce for spicy floral salad and surprisingly, they blended well and contributed to the deliciousness of the floral salad. Asked me how a bouganviella taste? Like a flower, I must say. It’s as if you are eating salad, but a more delicate and beautiful one. I definitely give it another go should I happen to be in Bohol Bee Farm again. The Organic Floral Salad costs Php190 while the Paragon Tea costs Php40.

Two first-times during Bohol Bee Farm trip:-
1. Holding an organic bee frame
2. Eating a beautiful floral salad