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One of the must-do itinerary in Panglao Island is island tour inclusive of dolphin watching and snorkelling near Balicasag’s sanctuary.

I was a solo traveler, I accepted the deal for one day tour at Php1,000.00.

I was asked to come down to the seashore at 6a.m. for dolphin watching was best done at 6.00a.m. just after the sun rose. Alex Boy was nowhere in sight, I extended my horizon and spotted him bargaining a deal with a Filipino couple. Oh wait, I thought I charted one boat for myself. On board, I asked how much were they charged for the tour and they said Php1,500.00 for two person.

If you are looking for a guide in Panglao, contact Alex Boy, for I’d recommend his good service. His price is also negotiable. I was told booking directly from hotel and guesthouse doubled the original price. Alex Boatman Service at Panglao – 09274894985. Do me a favour if you call him for his services, let him know you know him through me? From 6a.m. to 2p.m. 1 person – Php1,000.00 and 2 person – Php1,500.00

Dolphin watching… It was a nerve wrecking activity as the last time I went dolphin watching, I saw none. Dolphins swim in group. Like any other wildlife, you need some luck to spot them. I spent 2 hours in Lovina Bali waiting for dolphins and I came back empty hearted. For all I knew, I put high hope to watch dolphins in Balicasag.

Our banca (boat) slowly cruised through the sea with one navigator and one boatman. One was tasked to manoeuvre the boat and another was on the look-out for dolphins. At the same time, they were alerted to the boats heading to same directions. I reckoned there were 15 boats in the sea. Kissed by the morning sun, I had my camera equipments ready. Only after 1 hour hunting, we spotted a school of dolphins. They were fast and on the move. I did not manage to even capture a picture of them.

Balicasag Island is famous for its marine sanctuary, diving and snorkelling. Snorkelling in Balicasag offers different experience from Doljo Beach. In Balicasag, it was more beautiful and colourful. Beware of the hidden charges, when you arrive in Balicasag, a small banca will transport you to the snorkelling area at the price of Php150. If you don’t have you own snorkelling mask, you have to rent the mask at Php150. Luckily Alex brought one mask for me to use.

You could even watch marine food chain where you can easily watch bigger fishes eating the smaller ones. I know it may mean nothing if you dive. But hey, this is only snorkelling and you can already see a lot of marine life. That’s something. Too bad, I did not have underwater camera to share the marine beauty.

After having our lunch in Balicasag, we were brought to Virgin Island. A really virgin island with white sand.

1. Never book the tour with your hotel, instead, find a boatman along the shore. Haggle your price!!

2. Bring some biscuits to feed the fish.

3. Wake up early. 6.00a.m. is best.

4. Bring extra money for the food, the small banca and the mask rental.

5. Spend more time at Virgin Island.