I have not been writing for so long. You know the moment you start typing something, your ideas cloud away. I had tried writing after tiring day at work but my piece went unpublished and straight to the saved folder.


We are closing the year so soon, have you sorted out your new year’s resolutions as just yet? It is time to reflect on what we planned to do, planned and done, done but not planned and planned but never executed. I am a true believer that we need goals to keep our lives focused. To tell you the truth, I did not have 2011 New Year’s resolutions as I had drawn a bucket list instead.


Life happens when you least expect it and so does the reverse un-life. It has been a year of perpetual loss for me. The only Atuk I grow up knowing left us. I felt devastated for the fact that I had failed to do my duty as grandchild. I hardly visited him in Kuala Pilah although it was just 2 hours drive from KL. And so I cherish the memories with him. Next was my uncle from Jitra. For all and for once, I hope we remember, the person who might be with us today will not necessarily be with us on the same day next year. Love your family unconditionally, that tops my 2012 new year’s resolution.


Career wise – I believe I have done all that I could as a second year lawyer. May 2012 be a better year for me as a lawyer. I’m going into my third year! I’m planning for a career break in 2012.


Love has not sparked in 2011. Not that I’m not trying, but I took flight the moment a man showed interest in me. Like seriously, I come out with 1001 reasons to evade. Most common reason I coined was I’m married with two kids. Heeee…. I have been a bit laid back these days considering how easy I give out my BBM pin and phone numbers to whoever that asked. When I thought I had turned to a complete stone cold person, I found myself flirting excessively. Oh well, that’s a good sign, really.  Oh just yesterday, I randomly propose someone to be my “acting boyfriend” to which there was no certain yes or no answer. I elect to live at present, not for the future. Dozen or so promises do not work for me for they broke my heart into tiny pieces back then.


This brought us back to my next new year’s resolution, to love and to be loved.


Of course, the only item from last year’s bucket list to surface in new year’s resolution list is to be debt free and to live frugally.


I don’t want to have a lengthy list for new year’s resolution for I have clear conscious I might not be able to fulfill all of them. I like to keep it simple and realistic. My new year’s resolutions appear basic. Of course, it shall be read together with the bucket list. If I can do all the above, 2012 will bring fortunes to me. I will then be content with life.


So what would be your new year’s resolution? If you do not hear from me for the next few days, Happy New Year everyone.


Kiss, hug & abundance of love,