Grandeur of life that was, laden with tech gadgets ranging from Android to iDevices, it is not a surprise to find yourself entangled with the crazy little thing called Twitter Love. While work has taken a toll on social life, virtual network has formed a necessity for many to connect with other people. With personal life updates, live political discussions and endless life principles retweets flowing over the timeline, ask any twitter addicts who would not have a twitter window running while busily attending to the demanding workload.

Twitter or tweetdeck is a permanent fixture on my computer by now.

Continuous tweet tiffs over petty topics like one’s take on marriage, excessive use of hashtags, and social ethics may span to close knit community to heart strings.

It may extend to one’s absence from your timeline that makes you wonder where she or he has been to.

It is not until recently that my interest is drawn to a certain someone on my twitter circle. Someone whose points of view, I always find myself don’t quite agree. As always, rule of opposites attract applies, and I find myself pursuing steadily; not even bother to express myself in disguise. I am straight forward. That’s the beauty of it all, you let loose your ego and crash the protection wall.

Here’s the tricky part. It might not be mutual. So there’s risks abound. There are times when you realize you are the only one trying to fuel the friendship or rather tweetship.

I quit the game for it was just me in the court playing. So I’m back aboard on the ship called Lone-ship.

And with the dream I have, the hope crashes.