Hello again,

It’s the last day of 2011. Looking down the road, I did great for quarter life. Though not financially well off, I survived. Anyhow I have news to break. This is my last post for this blog. A blog that has been with me through the high and low of life. The only space I am complacent to share views, feeling and adventures.

When I hit the ground hard circa January 2010, I thought love had evaporated from my blood veins making me lifeless, but no, you readers kept the love flowing with wisdoms and care. And for that, I thank you.

You have also been with me for the first few years when I took off as a lawyer. The rants over demanding bosses, workload, case studies etc. I would not say being a lawyer is easy. By becoming a lawyer, I have made perpetual contract to commit to people’s problems at the expense of putting our own problems aside.

This blog has also seen me venturing into surreal adventure of solo backpacking. It was not meant to be called backpacking at first. It was more of pursuit of self discovery after a devastating break up that I went against the world alone. Ever since, I could not bring myself to a stop from backpacking the world. To those who were inspired by my adventures, who actually booked the flight tickets and re-lived my adventures, my spirits are with you.

And to you, readers, who have put my life under scrutiny and fancy my blog enough to follow me on every posts, I love you much.



This is not a farewell speech for the readers, it’s for the blog.

So now you know, I’ll be moving to my own site soon. I’ll make announcement on 15/01/2012.

So long, farewell, dear blog…