Thatsofarah is a blog dedicated to my travel and living as an avid traveller and a full time lawyer when I am not travelling.

To travel has been the dream of my life. When I was a kid, I had always believed that travelling is only for the rich. It was when I was matured enough to understand the meaning of travel and met like minded travellers that it changed my perspective to – I don’t have to be born on a bed of roses to travel the world. We can travel the world within our means, at least, that is what I am doing.

Of course when you have a demanding work, it gets in your way all the time. But managing your plan is the way to go. Knowing how demanding life can be sometimes, I make it a point to travel once in two months and no less. Twenty years from now, I don’t want to be dissapointed to not do what I want to do, travel the world. I don’t want to be on the deathbed remembering the hours spent reading case laws, the bittersweet fight with opponent before the courts, the nightless day spent working on my case. I want to remember the beautiful places I have been, the outstanding people I have met along the way and the hardship suffered and the kindness offered to me through the journey.

This is my journey to Explore, Dream and Discover.

As I silently traipsing the world, I hope to inspire you, people out there, to travel!


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