World Trippin’


1. Siem Reap, Cambodia – I wanted to see majestic Angkor Wat
2. Phnom Penh, Cambodia – It was my first couchsurfing experience, at first I didn’t plan to go as far as Phnom Penh but figured 7 days in Siem Reap were just too much.
3. Lombok, Indonesia – It was last minute. Business travel for human rights for migrant workers.
4. Kuta Bali, Indonesia – I spent half a day in Kuta Beach for my flight to KUL was later that night.
5. Surabaya, Indonesia – It’s a transit before Mt. Bromo.
6. Mount Bromo, Indonesia – A lot has been said about this mountain. Glad that I made it there despite the hush hush on the potential volcanic eruption.
7. Banyuwangi, Indonesia – Cross over to Bali from Java.
8. Lovina, Indonesia – I wanted to go Doplhin hunting but

9. Bangalore, India – transit to Hampi via Hospet train
10. Hampi, India – So much was said about Vijayanagar Empire and its astounding monuments, so I decided to go.
11.Hyderabad, India – This is where excellent Indian cuisine can be found
12. Mumbai, India – Mumbai, a must visit.
13. Jaipur, India – for its pink city
14. Agra, India – Taj Mahal
15. Delhi, India – my exit point from India
16. Chandigarh, India – Too many days spent in Delhi, so I went north.
17. Balikpapan, Indonesia – Honey bear
18. Jogjakarta, Indonesia – Natural disasters are causing substantial damages to Borrubudur and Prambanan
19. Solo, Indonesia – Stunning view of paddy fields and Candi Sukuh
20. Seoul, South Korea – Summer Vacation

Next World Trippin’
21. Manila, the Philippines
22. Bohol Island, the Philippines
23. Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
24. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Trippin’ Wishlist


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